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HOW WE WORK (Step 2)

Active Construction

The active construction step is an exciting 3-5 months, to see your dream home unfold before you is often the most thrilling part, besides getting the keys of course!

We make every effort to ensure that you’re highly informed on the progression of each phase listed below:

Phase 1 Final plans, construction financing, construction permits obtained.

Phase 2 House pad graded, foundation, plumbing and electrical ground work, slab, frame, and roofing.

Phase 3 Site meeting to discuss the electrical placement of T.V. and Phone. Second interior meeting.

Phase 4 Electrical/ plumbing/heat and air/rough-in, wall insulation, Sheetrock, third interior meeting, tile.

Phase 5 Final interior meeting, cabinetry, rough lot grade, exterior concrete, interior/exterior painting, final electric/ plumbing/ heat and air.

During all of this, you will not have to wonder what’s going on during the build of your home we keep you up-dated with end of week texts or e-mails whichever you prefer! You will have multiple ways to reach out to us in the event you have questions or want to chat about your homes progress.



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