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New Market Homes Coming Soon!

Ready to move out on one acre in Deerfield West? We have three market homes with one breaking ground now and the others in the fall of 2023!

These homes are all new floor plans and range between 22-2400 square feet! If your interested in viewing the floor plans and seeing which lots they will be built on give us a call and set your appointment up soon!

We only build a few speculative market homes a year. Of these they are generally turned into a custom home during frame stage. When this happens you are able to select the interior finishes that have not been already ordered. It can be a great way to make a market home uniquely yours!

Our focus has always been as a custom homebuilder and as such our customs always come before a speculative home. Our passion is to build you the best home we can, sourcing the highest quality materials and selling it to you at great prices!

If your ready to work with a homebuilder with over two decades of experience in custom design and building we would love to meet with you!

All construction is managed by us, the builders. You won't be a Plan number and an address with a superintendent over seeing the construction, a design person pre selecting the interior, a sales team you won't see again till closing. That is not the Quartz Creek way. We are a small company that is buyer focused and homebuilder operated. You will have a team of two highly experienced homebuilders and designer guiding you through the process from planning, contracts, breaking ground to completion, and then throughout your one year home warranty period. You will have all your meetings with us wether at a suppliers showroom or site meetings! If your ready to build your dream home, we can not wait to hear from you!

Happy House Hunting!





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