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What has Quartz Creek been up to?

Custom Barn Door

It has been awhile since the blog has seen any activity… I apologize, we have been BUSY! When we have custom homes in production, they take front and center over any market home we may have or plan on starting. YOUR home is the most important project for us and we will never schedule a market home in front of yours ever!

Even my duties to keep the web site updated get put on hold as I am working hard getting your interiors selected with you, at each phase during construction. Ensuring your home stays on schedule and in continuous progress is priority one! As we have stated before, we build more custom homes than speculative, and it is not uncommon for a pre-market house under construction to become a custom project for you.

Are you wanting to view some beautiful homes that Quartz Creek Homes has completed but cannot find any available? Just check out our portfolio page or call us, we will meet you on a project that is either under construction, in finish stage or finished and not yet listed. Ready to get started? Contact us today! We can not wait to work with you to make your home’s vision a reality!




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