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Home vs. Car

If you have been on the fence about investing in a new home, what are you waiting for? Do the current interest rates have you sweating? Are you holding out wishing for housing prices to plumet?

Although the used home market might drop some, the new home market will to not vary much from what it costs to build and purchase a new home today.

Let’s compare two investments: A home versus a car. A new home increases in value over time whereas a new car depreciates… Is that making more sense? We do not drive our homes around and through there is maintenance involved in both scenarios they differ in long term values. A used home will appreciate if it is built with quality and in a desirable area. Yes, it may need some upgrading, but it will still hold and slowly build in value. A new home built in a desirable area already has today’s market values, does not need to be updated and can be refinanced later if and when the interest rates change. Here is a bonus, it will continue to raise in value giving you a secure long-term investment. Of course, this is based off of my personal experience and my own research, do your own research, I have a good hunch that you will see the evidence that proves this.

We meet a lot of potential buyers, we often meet the same ones several times before they decide to custom build or purchase a market home from us and the statement we hear over and over is, “I wish I would have purchased a new home from you _____years ago”…

Why let the current market keep you from investing in your new home? Just like the gallon of milk that went up in price, so will your home. The only difference is once you drink the milk, all you have left is an empty container.




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