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Are you choosing a homebuilding company based on Lowest bid or Quality of build?

Week two of this year’s Parade of homes and I have noticed a trend, that actually frightens me. I ask "what brings you in today"? The answer I have been getting is “we are shopping for a builder”. Once we get a little deeper in this conversation this statement gets said by 8 of every 10 people. "We are bidding builders".

"Huh"? I am perplexed by this! So are you wanting the lowest bid builder to be the steward of your biggest investment dollars? Does quality not mean anything anymore???

Sure, we could lower our standards, use cheep apartment carpeting, maybe skip on the Thermal pane Low e windows, use less attic insulation, heck we could even use shop-built cabinets from the big box store! Or worse, melamine laminate trim materials, yeah that's pretty... -B is Eye Rolling... And hey, why not laminated countertops? there cool right? I mean why not, you want the lowest bid... Right? What else could we remove? Is sheetrock optional?

Does this sound like a great investment of YOUR money? The lowest builder out there, huh? If this is your idea of a homebuilder, one that takes quality out and substitutes it for cheap sub-par materials than we are not your builder. Period.

We believe in higher standards. We believe in service after the sale. We believe in quality of material and installation. We build your home the same as we do ours and that readers, IS WHY we have repeat customers and are still going strong in this industry for more that two decades! Please don't skimp out on your home, I won't be mad if you don't choose us, but at least build your home with another Certified Professional (which we are) Homebuilder. Our experience, professional memberships, and continuing education is why our homes look, live, and feel different. Our homes are strong, solid, and enduring just like out company!

-The bitterness of poor quality will remain long after the sweet taste of low price is forgotten… Think you can’t afford a quality homebuilder? How can you afford not to? Contact us today, if your ready to purchase a quality built home!

Happy house hunting!




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