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Questions about closing, walk through and warranty?

Questions about closing, walk through and warranty?

When your home is thirty days from completion there will be some things you will need to take care of to prepare to close.

We will give you an estimated closing date, set a tentative closing appointment and follow up with your lender. Please understand that we can not control the time your lender takes to prepare your documents. We will provide the information and documents they request in an efficient and timely manner generally same day and often before they request documents. what they do with it from there is out of our control. Unfortunately, we have all to often seen a closing delayed not just days but weeks due to the lender. You will need to contact your Mortgage company or financial institution to have them begin your final closing papers. We contact them as well as they will need specific documents for the closing.

One to two weeks before closing you will be given the information to have the utilities switched into your name on the day of closing, at this time, (pending your lender obtaining or getting close to a clear to close) we will have the exact closing date set and we will also set a meeting to do your final walk through. You should continue to check with your lending company to keep them updated.

Your walk through which we call a “buyers introduction” will take between 1-3 hours depending on the size of your home. During this appointment, together we will make notes of any items that need to be touched up and or repaired. We will also educate you to your home’s features. The list below is some, but not all of the items we will walk you through.

*Show you where the water/gas shut off valves are located

*How to light your pilot light on your hot water tank

*How to turn off/on your vent free gas fireplace if one was installed

*Exterior sprinkler system

*Phone and cable bundle location

*We will show you where all your individual warranty and instruction books are located for the appliances, lighting, and plumbing fixtures.

These are just a few things we will introduce you to. Worried you won’t remember this information? No worries, we are always available after your home closes. Service after the sale is extremely important to us!

At closing we will thoroughly go over and sign the homes one-year warranty. You will receive a copy for your records. When the home is funded meaning the closing company receives funding and checks are disbursed, you will be given the keys, garage door openers and instructions on how to change the alarm code. You will not be given these until funds are disbursed.

I hope this helps, happy house hunting!




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