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"The bitterness of low quality"

So, over the last 2 years my hubby and I have been shopping for RVs. As custom home builders we know what quality and craftsmanship should look and feel like, we thought this would be an easy process, nope not at all. We have been absolutely shocked at the variances in workmanship and quality. And then today happened; we were going to look and price one more brand, Wow is all that comes to mind. The unit not only felt well-made it was well made!

On the ride home after being completely blown away by this brand. I began thinking about our homes and how daunting it is for buyers out there driving from home to home deciding between which builder to either custom build with or purchase a new move in ready home from.

All I can say is this, you will ALWAYS get what you pay for. The bitterness of low quality is long remembered after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Pause, and re-read that statement…

Interview homebuilders. Ask for them to show you a home in different stages so that you can see what is behind the walls. Take the drawers out, open and close doors, ask what type of windows are used and why. What type of insulation is used where and why? What are the building codes in your desired location? We are Licensed in our industry and members of the National and State Home Builders’ Association. We go even further and are certified professional home builders. What does this mean to you? A LOT! We will stand behind our homes and will be there for you should you need us. We are always educating ourselves to evolving codes, materials, and practices so that we can consistently deliver you a superior home. Don’t just look at the lipstick and rouge (lighting, Cabinets and paint) look behind the walls know what your purchasing and ask questions! We are passionate about home building and love educating our buyers about the homes we build for them. Contact us today, we would love to be interviewed and show you the Quartz Creek Difference!

Happy House Hunting! -B



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