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Can I purchase a home directly from Quartz Creek Homes?

I get this question A LOT! And the answer is, of course you can!

Of our home buyers 85% purchase their home directly from Quartz Creek Homes. Perspective home buyers negotiate and purchase their new home directly with our sales team or the Builder. Of course, we always welcome realtors and they are welcome to be involved as much or as little as you like should you decide to custom build.

A new home purchase provides you great benefits, some are;

-The age of the home is not a factor for unforeseeable damages due to the last homeowners maintenance or lack of.

-A new home has been built to current codes and inspected by multiple inspectors from the city/municipality it is built in. No need to pay for a 3rd party home inspector, which saves you money.

-We provide a 1-year home warranty.

-We use ONLY top-grade materials and contractors.

-Purchasing your new home directly through our in-house sales team can save you money.

-No need for up-dates or remodeling, it’s all brand new and with the latest colors and styles! And it doesn’t stop there, you have all the latest technology, energy efficiency, and quality materials!

-A new home is always move in ready!

Whether you choose to enlist a realtor for your new home purchase or choose to purchase directly through Quartz Creek Homes we are here to serve you either way!

If you have signed a contract with a realtor to be compensated on your home purchase, please have them contact us to set your initial appointment. We will require your realtor to be present at contract signings since they are representing you and will being compensated from your home purchase.

To set up a personal tour of one of our beautiful homes and learn more great reasons to purchase a new home from us contact us today!

Happy house hunting!




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