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To have and to hold...


As adults we will sign many contracts over our lifetime and although there are many types they all have three things in common. A timeline, a specific performance, and lastly an obligation.

Our son who serves this great country of ours signed the most binding contract I have ever known, He signed it knowing full well what it meant. He understood and accepted the terms and sacrifice that he would make, with honor and integrity he fulfilled his contract. We couldn’t be more grateful or proud of him.

As with any contract know what you are signing. Understand every word. After all this is not clothing or a pair of shoes, the shirt you fell in love with at the store and then get home and decide it wasn’t quite right can often be returned. But once you sign a home purchase contract and give your down payment you can’t just return a house! At Quartz Creek we set an appointment with our home buyers to read through the entire contract so that there are no questions or misunderstandings. We give our buyers the opportunity to take it home read it through and if they wish, have their attorney review it. It is not just a paper with a few signatures and dates, it is an obligation, a promise that should never be executed without fully understanding what is expected from both parties. As I have told my children as they were young, words have meaning but once they are put on paper along with signatures both parties are held accountable.

A home purchase is a major decision, but also an exciting opportunity. Whether you are purchasing a used home, a new production home, or a custom-built home, understand and read your contract to know what your obligations are and what is expected of both buyer and builder.

Happy House Hunting -B.

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